#67 – Check out Warner Falls

warner falls marquette miAs a passionate waterfall enthusiast, for some reason it took me almost two years to visit this waterfall. It is a little out of the way, but it’s a beautiful little sight to see if you have a couple minutes to spare!

Sometimes ‘out of the way’ is the best way to go.

Warner Falls is a waterfall that comes off of Warner Creek, just outside of Palmer. Palmer is a little mining town east of Ishpeming that many people do not even know exists. This waterfall is a gorgeous spot however, right along the road making it easily accessible to everyone. While there is no trail down to the base, you can shimmy down the hill and make it to the creek bed to get the best photos and get a little splash of water.

My Experience at Warner Falls

I would have never gone to Warner Falls had it not been part of Marquette’s Waterfall Week. Of course, I had to make it to all the waterfalls that I could, so one Saturday I decided to venture out there. I was afraid of being disappointed because the creek itself is not that big, but the falls turned out to be a great size! Waterfall Week this year happened to be in winter still, so the water was a bit frigid. I would imagine in the summer however that this waterfall is a great refresher in the summer months to go splash around in!

warner falls palmer michiganBottom Line:

Palmer may be a little out of the way, but I encourage you to go exploring one of these days! It’s only a short drive from Hwy 41.

How to get there:

Take MI-35 through Palmer. You’ll pass over the creek a couple times, but once you get through town you will see an old gas station on the right side of the road. You can park there. The falls are right down the road a couple hundred feet on the right side as well.


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