U.P. Fall Color Update for the Week of 9-30-12

We’re at Peak (almost) Everywhere!

Wow, that was quick! As always, it seems to go from “Not quite there yet” to “Whoa, where did all the color go?” Just one week ago the Upper Peninsula was still showing quite a bit of green, with areas of the Keweenaw and Tahquamenon Falls closing in on peak color.

This week almost all areas are at or slightly past peak, with some leaf drop already beginning. Let’s take a look at each area:

Iron Mountain Area

These photos were taken from the top of the Pine Mountain ski hill in Iron Mountain on 10-3-12. Quite the change from last week! There’s still a little green here and there around Iron Mountain, but there are also quite a few leaves on the ground.

Iron Mountain Area Fall Color Report = 70% – Peak

Fog rolling up the hill this morning in the Pine Mountain ski area.


The road to the Pine Mountain scenic overlook – taken 10-3-12

One of the runs at Pine Mountain. Taken 10-3-12. Last week this was all green!

Marquette Area

Alison from the Marquette County Convention Center and Visitor’s Bureau spent some time all around Marquette County this weekend. Below is her photo round up!

Marquette Area Fall Color Report: 65% – Peak

510 Bridge, Negaunee

Echo Lake, Marquette


Mackinac Island

According to Sonnet from the Mackinaw Mommy blog: “A week made a big difference! It looks like October and is about 25% color.”

So, if you still want to catch some Upper Peninsula fall color before the leaves start to drop, it looks like Mackinac Island is your best bet!

Mackinac Island Fall Color Report: 25%

Alley Beside the School

Tree by the Windermere

Mission Point Resort

Market Street

Tahquamenon Falls Area

Things are still looking colorful in the Tahquamenon Falls area! Here’s the weekly update from Dixie Stewart:

“Captain Stewart declares that the Tahquamenon Falls are at peak colors this week. Some leak drop has started but the colors are still wonderful.”

And this is your last week to catch a riverboat tour, folks. Check out the Tahquamenon Falls Riverboat Tour page for more info.

The Keweenaw

As one might expect, my good friends from Brockit delivered a couple killer photos for this week (hey, it’s what they do) and with a plain old iPhone no less!

Here’s the word on the street from Adam at Brockit:

“The colors have become so saturated in the last week we thought we’d show them off through the lens of an ordinary iPhone! Color is at about 70% in the heart of the Keweenaw, all the way through Copper Harbor. The view from Brockway Mtn is nothing short of stunning right now. Down in Houghton / Hancock, they’re easily near 100% peak. The landscape has become a saturated patchwork of yellow, orange, and red leaves, contrasted by the greens of the pine trees. It’s rather distracting to walk past a window, let alone drive around… If the wind holds off and the temperature remains constant, we’ll keep this going for a while.”




The Porcupine Mountains

Thanks again this week to the awesome folks at Mountain View Lodges for the great photos! Looks like things have moved from “green” to “peak” in the Porkies as well, and just in the last week!

Porcupine Mountain Color Report: 70% – Peak

Lake of the Clouds

Big Carp River

A Dry River Bed

Thanks to “our sponsors”!

Again, thanks so much to everyone who’s helping out with this fun fall color project! I’ll list the links to each blog or business again below. Please visit their web sites when you’re able!

Marquette County Convention Center and Visitor’s Buruea

The Mackinac Mommy Blog

Tahquamenon Falls Riverboat Tours & the Famous Toonerville Trolly

Mountain View Lodges

Brockit Professional Photography


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