U.P. Fall Color Update for the Week of 9-23-12

It’s an Upper Peninsula-Wide Fall Color Update!

Around this time of year, I always wish I could see a weekly photo from each area of the U.P. so I know where to go for a fall color tour, should the opportunity arise.

So, this year I reached out to fellow bloggers and small business owners across the Upper Peninsula to bring you a weekly update that shows exactly how the colors are shaping up in each region!

Iron Mountain Area

Since I live in Iron Mountain, I’m holding down the south central U.P. Things are still pretty green here overall, with pockets of vibrant color here and there. These photos were taken from the top of the Pine Mountain ski hill in Iron Mountain.

Iron Mountain Color Report = 5%

View from the top of the Pine Mountain ski area

From the Pine Mountain scenic overlook

Marquette Area

Thanks to Alison Silk and the kind folks at the Marquette Convention Center and Visitor’s Bureau who agreed to take time out of their busy schedules to help me out with this project. You can visit their website (and learn about all the cool things to do in Marquette County) here: http://www.travelmarquettemichigan.com

Negaunee Color Report = 25-30%
Ishpeming-Michigamee  Color Report = 50-70%

Baby Lake, near Ishpeming

Also near Baby Lake – Ishpeming

Mackinac Island

Sonnet Quinn of the Mackinac Mommy blog also generously agreed to help me out with this project. Wouldn’t it be cool to live on Mackinac Island for a while? Well, you can read all about Sonnet’s life on the island here! http://mackinacmommy.blogspot.com

Mackinac Island Color Report – 10%

Trees near the Grand Hotel

Near the Windermere Hotel

Marquette Park

Robinson’s Folly


Tahquamenon Falls

Thanks to Captain Kris Stewart, pilot of the Tahquamenon Falls Riverboat Tour and Toonerville Trolley for snapping these photos! It seems like the Tahquamenon Falls area is a little ahead of everyone this year! Thanks so much to Dixie, Captain Kris and the rest of the crew for taking these weekly photos.

If you’re heading to Tahquamenon Falls, I’d highly recommend their river cruise! You learn more at their Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tahquamenon-Falls-Riverboat-Tours-the-Famous-Toonerville-Trolley/368325037966

Near Tahquamenon Falls

Also near Tahquamenon Falls

Porcupine Mountains

Thanks to the crew from Mountain View Lodges in Silver City for snapping these photos of the fall color in the Porkies! If you’re looking for a great place to stay near the Porcupine Mountains, I’d highly recommend checking them out! You can learn more about Mountain View Lodges on their Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/mtnviewlodges

Porcupine Mountain Color Report – 10-15%

Big Carp River

Lake of the Clouds


Keweenaw Peninsula

Thanks to Adam and crew from Brockit Professional Photography for these super cool images of the current Keweenaw Color. They were just up there (all over the Keweenaw) this past weekend and had this to say:

“We spent a wonderful weekend of weddings in the Keweenaw and spent a lot of driving time in the schizophrenic combination of sleet, sunshine, and wind. We thought it appropriate to shoot our view for you! The colors along US-41 across the spine of the Keweenaw is a wonderful combination of green and yellow, with occasional saturated reds. We’d call it about 25% turned but turning quickly. M-26 along Lake Superior is mostly green, with yellows especially as you get towards Copper Harbor. South of Keweenaw County is nearing 50% turned with nice combinations of yellows, reds, and oranges – especially along the Portage Canal and the surrounding hills. Lots of time to get up to the entire peninsula and enjoy the variety at this point!”

If you need an awesome photography team, or just want to look at some super cool photos, check out Brockit’s website here: http://www.brockit.com

Keweenaw Color Report – 25-50%

Keweenaw Fall Color – Photo by Brockit, Inc.

More Keweenaw Fall Color – Photo by Brockit, Inc.

Thanks everyone!

Again, thanks so much to everyone who’s helping out with this fun fall color project! I’ll list the links to each blog or business again below. Please visit their web sites when you’re able!

Marquette County Convention Center and Visitor’s Buruea

The Mackinac Mommy Blog

Tahquamenon Falls Riverboat Tours & the Famous Toonerville Trolly

Mountain View Lodges

Brockit Professional Photography


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