U.P. Fall Color Update for the Week of 10-7-12

Upper Peninsula Fall Color is Going, Going…. (almost gone)

Yes, it’s true that we’re past “peak color” in most of the Upper Peninsula. (Mackinac Island is just starting to peak, though!) However, there are a couple very cool aspects to the tail end of fall color.

1. Colorful leaves blanket the ground of the forests, which sometimes makes for even better photos and viewing then when the leaves are actually on the trees.

2. There are always a few spotty areas here and there that peak late, just as there are areas that peak early. (I’m talking, “micro-areas” here, like a certain hill on a certain road. It’s random.)

3. Not that it gets crowded up here during fall color season (We do have 16,000 square miles to work with) but right about now there will be even fewer people up here than there were in the last couple weeks, which means more room for you!

This will be the last in my series of upper peninsula fall color updates for this season, but I’m already looking forward to next year and have a few ideas to make these weekly updates even better.

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Okay, here’s the update!

Iron Mountain Area

Most of the central Upper Peninsula is past peak, but there are still some colorful leaves hanging on many trees and many more vibrant leaves blanketing the ground!

Iron Mountain Area Fall Color Report = Past Peak

upper peninsula fall color powers mi 10-11-12

This is pretty typical for the central U.P. right now. Some leaves are hanging on, but there are quite a few bare spots.

upper peninsula fall color 2 - powers mi 10-11-12

The plus side is, pretty leaves blanket the ground everywhere!

Mackinac Island

Sonnet from the Mackinc Island Mommy blog reports that the island is at about 60% color! She says “it’s been grey this week, but the colors are bright!”

Mackinac Island Color Report: 60%

mackinac island cemetary fall color


mackinac island jewel golf course fall color

The Jewel Golf Course

mackinac island surrey hill fall color

Surrey Hill

mackinac island trail near great turtle park fall color

Trail near Great Turtle Park

mackinac island view from the east bluff fall color

View from the East Bluff

Tahquamenon Falls Area

Tahquamenon Falls Color Report: Past Peak

Here’s the weekly report from Dixie Stewart!  Check out the Tahquamenon Falls Riverboat Tour page and plan a trip for the 2013 season!

“Captain Stewart reports that the fall colors are coming down fast. A low of 21 on Sunday night has the leaves falling like rain on Monday. The larch are turning a lovely shade of yellow. As our season ended this will be our last report for 2012.”

tahquamenon falls fall color 10-07-12


The Keweenaw

Brockit once again provided some awesome photos from the Keweenaw. Here’s the weekly report from Adam:

“We’ve had a schizophrenic week of weather but colors are holding despite the weekend wind. A mix of clouds, wind, sleet, and rain also mean some incredibly colorful skies too. The Houghton / Hancock area is passing peak with many areas especially south starting to show naked trees. The same is true along US-41 towards Calumet. Spots of brilliant color can still be found, especially in neighborhoods and along Quincy hill. Up in the north part of the peninsula, color is excellent, with a number of areas *just* passing peak with Aspen trees still approaching it.”

Keweenaw Peninsula Fall Color Report: Peak – Past Peak 

Keweenaw Fall Color frokm Brockit Photo Oct 07, 5 07 09 PM


Keweenaw Fall Color from Brockit Photo Oct 05, 1 01 10 AM


keweenaw fall color from brockit Photo Oct 09, 6 18 44 PM


The Porcupine Mountains

Thanks again this week to the awesome folks at Mountain View Lodges for the great photo! Looks like they still have quite a bit of color!

Porcupine Mountain Area Fall Color Report: Peak – Past Peak 

lake of the clouds fall color 10-07-12

Lake of the Clouds

One more thank you!

This series of fall color posts was a bit of a last minute effort on my part, and it absolutely wouldn’t have been possible without the help of everyone below. Please check out their respective websites if you have a minute and thanks so much for reading Things to do in the U.P.!

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The Mackinac Mommy Blog

Tahquamenon Falls Riverboat Tours & the Famous Toonerville Trolly

Mountain View Lodges

Brockit Professional Photography


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