#51 – Grab Lunch at The Upper Crust Cafe Bakery and Deli

upper crust deli menu

The menu board at the Upper Crust Deli

Lunch at the Upper Crust Deli

Back when I wrote about “Manistique’s Best Kept Secret,” I mentioned The Upper Crust Café Bakery and Deli. It really is a wonderful place that you should get familiar with. Trust me on this one.

Located in the Trader’s Point area of Manistique (right on the river), The Upper Crust Deli is one of those bright open air bakeries where the smell of fresh bread  lingers in the air and the full menu is sketched out on a chalkboard overhead.

Manistique was a booming lumber area back in the day and the minimalist décor of the Upper Crust pulls from that history. A few cool photos from the glory days hang below an old two-man saw.

As you might expect, the bread at the Upper Crust Deli is baked fresh daily and then used on all of their sandwiches. Among other things, they also make sourdough soup bowls and delectable garlic Parmesan oyster crackers. Honestly, there isn’t a thing on the menu at this place I don’t want to try.

Oh, and for you vegetarian and gluten free folks, they’ve got more than a few options that mesh with your dietary requirements.

upper crust deli sandwich

This sandwich (kind of like a reuben, but not) was awesome!

My Experience at the Upper Crust Deli

On my most recent visit to the Upper Crust I had a Reuben-like specialty sandwich and a cup of clam chowder with a side of the aforementioned homemade oyster crackers. My friend had what looked like the worlds greatest grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of tomato soup. The presentation was above what I expected from a place with “deli” in it’s name and everything tasted awesome.

Unfortunately for us Yoopers, it’s not often that you stumble upon a place up here that delivers consistently excellent food. The Upper Crust Café Bakery and Deli is definitely one of those places, however, and well worth stopping in for lunch next time you pass through Manistique!

Bottom Line: The Upper Crust Bakery and Deli serves up a mean lunch. If you’re hungry and anywhere near Manistique, MI, seek out this place and your stomach will thank you.

Address: 375 Traders Point Drive Manistique, MI 49854

Website: wix.com/lsmith09/upper-crust

Phone: (906) 341-2253

For more photos of the Upper Crust Cafe Bakery and Deli, visit the Upper Crust album on my Facebook page.

Other things to note: This is mainly a lunch place. I don’t believe they have dinner hours.  Also, if you feel like doing a little wine tasting while in the area, the Mackinac Trail Winery is about a minute way, just on the other side of the river. If you’re visiting Kitch iti Kippi, the Upper Crust isn’t too far away.

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