#76- Take a ride on Pictured Rocks Cruises

The Pictured Rocks Cruises are famous all over the Upper Peninsula and draw tourists from near and far. I finally decided to check out what all the buzz was about.

Pictured Rocks Cruises

Grand Island Shoreline, Pictured Rocks Cruises

Comprehensive and full of commentary, Pictured Rocks Cruises is a great tour for the family.

There are three tours offered, the ‘regular’ runs about two and a half hours and takes you from Munising Harbor to Chapel Rock. Along the way many prominent sites are seen, including  Grand Island, Miner’s Castle, the Painted Coves, Indianhead Rock, and Battleship Row.

The second tour takes the regular route and goes a little farther to Spray Falls, a waterfall viewed only from the water or from a distance on the cliffs.

The third tour is the sunset tour which is the last tour of the day and takes the regular route with the beauty of the sun shining against the cliffs.

The entire cruise was narrated by the captain and was enlightening and even humerus. I learned quite a few interesting facts about this national lakeshore that I did not know beforehand.

My experience on the Pictured Rocks Cruises

My original plan was to take the sunset cruise, however I decided to go hiking and spent way to long enjoying nature and did not make it back in time for the departure. It was a good thing however, as that particular cruise did not make it far before turning around due to excessively choppy water.

So for future reference: this cruise does cancel or cut short due to weather. (Don’t worry, tickets are either refunded or replaced for a future cruise)

Pictured Rocks Cruises

Pictured Rocks Cruises

Anyways, I decided to take the noon regular cruise the next day and arrived at the dock at 11:45am- the scheduled boarding time. Words to the wise: show up much earlier! I figured that Monday at noon would not be the busiest cruise, but I was wrong. All the open top seats were filled immediately and I was left to sit inside or stand on the back deck.

I’m a nature enthusiast, so there were pros and cons for me:

I thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of Pictured Rocks and the tour was a much easier way to see the lakeshore than if I was to hike the entire trail. This national park is truly unique and everyone must see it at some time.

I also love exploring on my own and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. Pictured Rocks Cruises is definitely the ‘family tourist’ option. Great for families and larger groups who want to see the lakeshore but are not up for backpacking. If you are looking for a more up close option, I would encourage day hiking, backpacking, or even a kayak tour.

Bottom Line: Pictured Rocks Cruises are a great way to see many great sights in a short period of time! Safe, family fun.

How to get there?
100 City Park Drive
Munising, MI 49862

Phone: (906) 387-2379

Website: http://www.picturedrocks.com/

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