#6 – Quench Your Thirst at the Norway Spring

The Norway Spring in Norway, MI

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an artesian well near you that bubbled up crisp cool water 24/7, always tempting you to swing by and take a drink?

The Norway Spring

Artesian well water pours from the Norway Spring

Wouldn’t it also be nice if the well were right on the side of the highway so you could pull over, fill your water bottle and be back on the road in no time?

And while we’re at it, wouldn’t it also be nice if this water were free for the taking?

Yes, you guessed it; this utopian bubbler does exist, just outside of Norway, Michigan in the form of an artesian well called the Norway Spring.

Last weekend I was driving down to our cabin and, parched as I was, I pulled over and filled my water bottle with some of that crisp, cool spring water. Man that stuff tastes good! So good it makes me feel like a sucker every time I shell three bucks for a bottle of Evian.

And this spring is no new thing. It’s been quenching the thirst of weary travelers since the Oliver Mining Company struck water here while drilling for iron ore in 1903! So pull off US 2 for a minute, walk up a couple steps and you’ll find an oversized drinking fountain.

Norway Spring FountainsDrink me.

The overflow spouts out the front in the form of a mini waterfall, but on the backside there’s a water fountain as well as a big pipe that spouts out several gallons a minute, used for filling larger containers.

Also, right behind the spring are a couple picnic tables which make this the near perfect spot for a family rest stop / picnic. (It’d be perfect if there were restrooms here, but there are restrooms just a mile or so away at Fumee Falls, another great stop.)

To see more photos of the Norway Spring click here to access my Facebook page and then and then browse to the “Norway Spring” photo album. (You’ll need to “like” the page if you haven’t already)

Bottom Line: If you drink water, stop here. You’ll thank me.

Time Required: 2 to 5 minutes, more if you have a picnic.

How to get there: Drive West on US 2 out of Norway and turn right into the spring right after you cross under the railroad bridge. It’s just outside of town. If you’re coming from Iron Mountain turn left to cross the highway (at a marked crossing) just before the railroad bridge.

To see the Norway Spring’s location on my map of the Upper Peninsula, click  here.

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