#77- Walk Through the Woods to Miner’s Falls

Located approximately eleven miles from Munising city limits lies a powerful waterfall that’s sheer force is just amazing as well as a gorge it flows through.

Miner's Falls

Miner’s Falls

.06 miles down a dirt trail is a treat for all, whether you view it from the platform or climb your way down into the floor of the gorge.

After visiting the Miner’s Castle many times over the last few years, I finally made it to Miner’s Falls- only a mile away! If you are headed to Miner’s Castle or Miner’s Beach, you are already passing by this waterfall and you should stop in.

The road to the falls is on Miner’s Castle Road off of H58, approximately 6 miles east of Munising. Travel five miles down this road and you will see the sign. If you miss it, you will end up at Miner’s Castle and you should just hit up the waterfall on the way out.

From the parking lot, it is a gravel walking trail through the woods that takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to walk down. Along the way are posts that describe the nature around the trail if one is interested in learning about it.

Once you reach the ‘end’ of the trail you will be on a wooden platform overlooking the waterfall and the Miner’s River gorge. While it is a pretty view and you are close enough to feel the spray on a windy view, being down on the river bed is a much better way to view the waterfall.

So, of course I went down! There is a pretty solid but steep trail that leads down the hillside. Slightly muddy in spots due to the spray from the falls, but one will be fine if they pay attention.

Once down, you can walk around the riverbed and take as many selfies as you want with the power waterfall in the background. I even saw one daredevil hop along the side of the gorge till he was practically behind the waterfall- do that at your own risk! Even during the height of the ‘dry season’ this waterfall was flowing more than strongly.

Top of Miner's Falls

Top of Miner’s Falls

There is also another little tourist made trail that leads from the top of the viewing platform to the top of the waterfall. It’s a cool view looking down!

Bottom Line: Miner’s Falls is a great trail and sight for those who are already in the area visiting Miner’s Beach or Miner’s Castle. A real treat any day!

Other Things to Note: The trail to the platform is fine enough to bring a stroller or maybe even a wheelchair (might be a bit bumpy, but it is flat paved gravel). There are 77 steps down to the viewing platform however with no accessibility for those on wheels.

How to get there? Take H58 towards Picture Rocks National Lakeshore approximately six miles until you come across Miner’s Castle Road and signs for Miner’s Castle. On the map this is ‘H13’. Take this road approximately five miles until you see the signs and turn off for Miner’s Falls. Hike from the parking area.

Phone: This is the park headquarters phone number; they are very knowledgeable about the area: 906-387-2607


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