#50 – Time for dessert at Midtown Bakery

Midtown Bakery

Midtown Bakery from the street

Visiting during the winter months is my favorite. When it’s dark earlier in the evening, the dim lights and fogged windows in Negaunee’s Midtown Bakery are exactly what winter should feel like. Especially before the holidays, the decorations in the bakery complete the feeling. There’s something about the colorful fence decorations inside the bakery and the mismatched table and chairs that come together for a no-judgment zone full of personality, in the middle of the somewhat drab downtown area. Especially from the outside, the bright blue building is hard to miss.

The best part about Midtown is available year round: the food. It wasn’t until I started going to Midtown that I tried a Peppadew, which is a spicy mix between a pepper and a tomato. Their Peppadew sandwich is my favorite, and I get it every time I go. Always with a side of coleslaw. When I go with friends, though, they prove that no matter what you get it’s always delicious. In fact, recently I went with a friend who has a gluten-free diet, and she was pleasantly surprised by how accommodating Midtown was for her dietary restrictions. She said, “It’s like being able to eat normally at a restaurant,” something that she isn’t able to do so often.

And when you’re done eating a sandwich or salad, you must save room for dessert. The dessert counter at Midtown is vast with their “almost famous cheesecake”; plenty of cookies; and, in the summer, ice cream sandwiches made with homemade cookies and a layer of chocolate ganache.

Pro tip: The peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are always a safe choice if you can’t make up your mind.

For me, it’s worth the twenty-minute drive from Marquette. The atmosphere in Midtown is what I look forward to after a long work week. Everyone who works there is friendly, always calling hello when I walk in the door or chatting me up about my week before my food is ready. There aren’t many places that are so relaxed: you don’t have to pay right away, only after you’ve eaten and considered dessert options.

Another example of the friendly atmosphere is how often they feature local artwork or jewelry. Looking around the bakery is like getting a glimpse of the creative people in the area, especially with the number of postings for local events that cover the wooden walls that divide the room.

Midtown Bakery

The inside is just as bright and full of character as the outside.

Midtown’s deliciousness isn’t just found in Negaunee. Their cookies are available at Border Grill locations in Marquette and Negaunee, and Midtown is also largely a catering company making wedding cakes or food for other occasions.

The atmosphere at Midtown Bakery is part of the reason why I had my post-college graduation lunch there, and my family and I enjoyed a long meal and a delicious white cake with raspberry butter cream filling and chocolate frosting. Since then, my parents continue to ask whether I’ve been to Midtown recently. I always feel lucky to be at Midtown because you can tell that it’s such a community and personal effort, and I feel like I’ve been welcomed into that family with open arms.

Bottom line: There’s something for everyone at Midtown Bakery in Negaunee. It’s a pretty simple place but the warmth of the people who work there and the quality of the food make it my favorite place to go.

Other things to note: Negaunee is often visited for quality antique shopping, with stores like Lowenstein’s Antique Marketplace and the Old Bank Building. It’s easy to make a day of perusing the antique shops and then getting a bite to eat at Midtown.

Address: Midtown is located at 317 Iron Street in Negaunee and its phone number is 906-475-0064. Check them out on their Facebook page.

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