#69- Row, row, row your boat to Lower Tahquanemon Falls

Tahquamenon Falls Paradise MI If you have been to the Lower Tahquamenon Falls and not taken a boat to the ‘Island’, you have missed the best part. And if you have not made the trip, now you know!

Would you rather…see two waterfalls from a platform or swim in five waterfalls?

Mhhm. Exactly. (I’m assuming you chose the five waterfalls option…) I visited the lower falls in June 2014. At first I did not want to pay more money to get across the river because broke college student = no fun. But then I saw deer on the island and people walking under the falls and the cash just fell out of my wallet and into the boat.

It is only $7 for one person and $20 for a family. The boats are aluminum fishing row boats that fit probably a maximum of 6 people in them. The boat ride takes about two minutes to get to the other side, or you can relax in the water for as long as you like- the boat is yours all day. Once you get to the shore, you can choose your route around the island.

This is a perfect family outing. The water is shallow in all the waterfalls, perfect for children to wade in. And as an adult, I had a blast splashing about trying to get the best photographs. You can walk right under some of the falls, or to the middle of the river right above the falls. Depending on whether you brought lunch, you could spend all day at the island. I spent about two hours, but could have spent much longer.

The best part about being on the island? You can wave to all the sad people on the platform across the river that are not experiencing the fun of swimming in the falls.

Tahquemenon Falls Paradise MIBottom Line: The park fee for Tahquamenon Falls is $8. If you are going to pay that much to get in, pay for a boat too. It makes the experience 110% better.

Other Things to Note: Bring bug spray! Mosquitos were bad unless you were all the way in the water.

How to get there?
Take M-123 west from Newberry, approximately 35 miles. Upper Falls is the first entrance into Tahquamenon Falls State Park. Lower Falls is four miles down the road.

Phone: (906) 492-3415

Website: http://www.michigandnr.com/parksandtrails/Details.aspx?type=SPRK&id=428


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