#30 – Dinner with a View at L’Attitude Cafe & Bistro

My wife enjoying a virgin bloody on the patio at L'Attitude (I tried it. It was tasty.)

L’Attitude Cafe & Bistro

For all of our 1,700 or so miles of shoreline in the Upper Peninsula, we sure don’t have much for waterfront dining. (I know, I know… winter.) At any rate, the fact that these prized establishments are so few and far between make stumbling upon a swanky waterfront bistro like L’Attitude even more of a find.

Look through reviews on Yelp!, for example, and you’ll read raves about the location and the view. And they’re right. It’s not right on the water, but large windows let you gaze out at Lake Superior when drinking or dining inside, and their outdoor patio (where I’ve always sat) offers a great little view of the harbor and that outdoor dining vibe I like so much. Their patio is a killer spot to sip a beer at the end of a long summer day.

It’s technically called “L’Attidue Café & Bistro.” And when I hear “Café & Bistro” here in the states, I (and maybe you?) tend to get the feeling the place might have a little attitude about it. Will the staff be pretentious? Will I get sideways glances because my skinny tie isn’t skinny enough? (Ha, only kidding, I don’t wear ties!)

Well as it turns out, not at this place. We’re still in the U.P. here, after all, and I’ve worn shorts and flip flops to L’Attitude on more than one occasion and definitely not been the only one in there with beach-like attire. But at the same time you’ll probably see people a little dressed up enjoying a glass of wine on the patio. And it all works. It’s the Upper Peninsula; we play nice with each other, right?

As far as the food and drinks go, they seem to do a little bit of everything. My wife and I usually have some sort of hummus plate or Mediterranean dish (I’ve also had some decent sushi here, believe it or not) because that sort of thing is tough to come by in Iron Mountain.  However, I’ve heard that the burgers, steaks and more traditional menu items are excellent as well.

Mmm... Mediterranean...

I’ve eaten here five or six times so far and the food has been consistently good. The service has never been bad. It’s been better a few times than others, but always adequate. And again, the ability to have a nice dinner and a drink on the shores of Lake Superior is just really tough to beat. Two thumbs up!

To view more photos of L’Attidue Café & Bistro, click here to visit my Facebook page and browse to the “L’Attitude Café & Bistro” album. (You’ll need to the “like” the page if you haven’t already)

Bottom Line: L’Attitude is a great place to enjoy a lovely meal (or a few drinks) while taking in gorgeous views of Lake Superior and downtown Marquette. It’s definitely worth a try!

Location: 105 E. Washington St. Marquette, MI 49855

Website: http://lattitudecafe.com

Phone: (906) 225-8888

To see L’Attitude’s location on my map of the U.P., click here.

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