I Got Sick


I apologize for the lack of activity around here lately.

It seems that my immune system has been battling a fierce pack of tiny rhinoceroses (rhinocerii?) for three weeks and the time I usually spend writing about the Upper Peninsula (around midnight) has been replaced by much needed sleep.

My Dad thought maybe us going camping at Craig Lake State Park wasn’t such a good idea, since I was sick and all, but I really wanted to check that place out. I’m still glad we went, but he was probably right. (Hear that, Dad? You were right…)

I’ve been wanting to tell you all about Pictured Rocks and Mackinac Island in the fall, and maybe give you some ideas for things to do this winter (the Upper Peninsula has some great skiing and snowboarding, as you probably know, but did you know about the ice climbing? Did you know about the luge?) but it just hasn’t been in the cards.

If I were a good blogger I’d have a few weeks worth of posts written ahead of time. They’d be scheduled to publish automatically and come hell or high water; you’d never see a blip in the system.

If I were a good blogger.

Clearly I’m not, and I’m OK with that. But I will post more consistently from here on out. Promise.

In fact, here’s the plan:


Henceforth I’ll be publishing one Things to do in the U.P. post a week, every week, on Wednesday.

I’ll likely publish more than one post a week some weeks (especially during summer) but with everything I’ve got going on (I won’t get into it… all good stuff though) I think writing about the good ol’ Upper Peninsula once a week is quite doable.

We’ll start the regular publishing back up next week (on Wednesday) when I’ll have a write up about cliff diving from Black Rocks in Marquette.

And this crappy cold or whatever it is can kiss my Yooper ass.

Thanks for reading!



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