#47 – Feed the Fish at Horseshoe Falls

horseshoe falls6

Horseshoe Falls – Munising, MI

Horseshoe Falls is one of the many beautiful Pictured Rocks area waterfalls, but it’s private, so an entry fee is required.

That said, I’d say it’s worth it depending on your travel budget. The falls are really beautiful and there are little interpretive signs along the (short) uphill walk to them that add a little interest to your visit. There’s also a gift shop and trout pond on the well cared for grounds.

The gift shop sells ice cream, books and trinkets, and feeding the large rainbow trout in the pond is a fun way to spend a few minutes. It’s one of those deals where you put a quarter in an old fashioned vending machine and out comes a handful of fish pellets. And man, those trout are always hungry.

When I took my stepson there this past spring, we both enjoyed the falls but his favorite part of the visit was definitely feeding the fish. I’d say if you’re just looking for a cool waterfall, nearby Munising Falls, Tannery falls or Memorial Falls are all good bets. But if you want to peruse a gift shop, get ice cream or watch some big fish fight over every single pellet you toss in the water, Horseshoe Falls will be a good stop!

Bottom line: Horseshoe Falls is a fun little spot with a picturesque waterfall, gift shop and trout pond. An entry fee is required.

Address: 602 Bell Avenue Munising, MI 49862

Phone: (906) 387-2635

horseshoe falls8

The trout pond at Horseshoe Falls. You can’t catch them, but you can feed them!

Other Info: Current fees as of August 2012 are as follows: Adult: $5.00, Kids 8 and under: free, Kids 9-15: $3.00, Seniors (60+): $4.25, Family Rate: $19.00.

Website: http://www.uppermichiganwaterfalls.com/horseshoefalls.html

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2 Responses to #47 – Feed the Fish at Horseshoe Falls

  1. Elena February 1, 2014 at 1:02 am #

    I can see how this can be fun for a child or someone who doesn’t want to walk a distance. But, I found this to be a tourist trap and a waste of money. There are so many gorgeous waterfalls why pay to see some in someone’s cluttered back yard. (Because that is really what it is.)

  2. carla July 20, 2014 at 9:09 am #

    visited on july 16th 2014…nice,little gift shop,nice little walk to the falls,,but thought 6 dollars was way too much to have to pay per person to see this little falls and see a few ducks…..I think the 6 bucks went to buy duck feed….2 dollars would be a fair price…

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