#14 – Fall in Love with the Falling Rock Cafe & Bookstore

Falling Rock Cafe & Bookstore Mugs

Lots of mugs = Lots of regulars

It’s tough to imagine a better coffee shop than the Falling Rock Café & Bookstore in Munising.

Yes, really.

I’ve lived in Australia, Los Angeles, Laguna Beach, and Madison, WI. And I like coffee shops. I’ve been to lots. And holy crap, this is a good one!

They’ve got over 30,000 new, used, and rare books. They roast their fair trade coffee on site daily. And they host regular art, music and community events all in a cozy venue I’m kicking myself for not discovering until just recently.

The café offers tasty breakfast sandwiches and a full lunch menu (including gluten free options) in addition to a full list of coffee drinks. Oh, and my wife wants me to remind you they also have a nice little desert menu.

As you walk in The Falling Rock, you’ll see a wall to your left covered with the coffee mugs of regulars, and to your right to you’ll find friendly staff waiting to help you out. Beyond the cash register lies an ice cream cooler, stocked full of Jilbert’s ice cream. Hot summer day? Want a chocolate shake? They’ll hook you up.

Falling Rock Cafe and Bookstore Books

One of the many shelves of books

And beyond that lies a cozy bookstore area where it’d be beyond easy to open up a book (or laptop) and lose yourself for an afternoon. In my opinion the place is laid out perfectly.

After reading good things about The Falling Rock, and especially after looking at their web site, I knew this would be one of those places I’d come back to time and time again. Owner’s Jeff and Nancy Dwyer (and their excellent staff) have done a fantastic job carving out one of those magnetic hang outs that makes you wish you knew about it sooner and, simultaneously, makes you eager to return.

My wife and I stopped The Falling Rock on our way from Tahquamenon Falls to Marquette recently. We didn’t have a ton of time to spare, but it was very relaxing and enjoyable nonetheless.

Falling Rock Cafe and Bookstore Dishes

Where do I put this mug? Oh, here!

We sipped fresh coffee drinks, perused a few shelves of gently used books and just took a break from our road trip for a moment.

Before we knew it a half hour had past and our friend in Marquette was calling, wondering where the heck we were. So off we went.

I’ll see you soon, Falling Rock.

To see more photos of the Falling Rock Cafe, click here to access my Facebook page and then and then browse to the “Falling Rock Cafe” photo album. (You’ll need to “like” the page if you haven’t already)

Bottom Line: Go there. Just go. Trust me.

Time required: 5 minutes to a whole morning, afternoon or evening.

Other things to note: Great web site, Free wifi (they just ask for donations), and local artisan’s work on display. Did I mention the great web site? Click here to check it out.

Location: 104 East Munising Ave. Munising, MI 49862

Web site: www.fallingrockcafe.com

Phone: (906) 387-3008

Map: To view the Falling Rock Café and Bookstore’s location on my map of the Upper Peninsula, click here.

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