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Eagle Harbor (broken thumb) Lookout455

Notes from the road – In Copper Harbor, June 25th

Saturday morning I awoke, stumbled into the Bella Vista lobby and asked Mike’s wife where she’d recommend for breakfast. She said Mike usually goes to The Pines, so that’s where we went. If it’s good enough for a local, it’s good enough for me. And it was indeed. Again, nothing was out of this world, […]

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Upper Peninsula Postcard

Holy Crap, I’m doing 1,000 Things in the U.P.!

You’ve probably heard some version of this: The UP, hey!?  Someone remarks curiously, “So what do you do up there?” My brain usually locks up at that point. And it does that for two reasons: There are so many things to do I haven’t even scratched the surface Don’t me wrong; I’m no stranger to […]

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Copper Harbor Road Trip

Notes from the road – Iron Mountain to Copper Harbor, June 24th

My wife, daughter and I left Iron Mountain on Friday about 9:30 AM thinking we’d have time to see a few things in Copper Harbor and arrive mid afternoon. We were mostly right. After scrapping our original plans to camp at Fort Wilkins mid week due to the cold, rainy weather I rang up the […]

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I’m Not Small

On this site I’ll occasionally refer to the fact that I’m “not small” because it can sometimes cause issues during travel. I have Acromegaly, which caused me to shoot up to my current height of six feet four inches tall. By the end of my pituitary tumor induced growth spurt, my weight topped out at […]

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