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tahquamenon falls kayak

An Interview with Marcelo Marcondes Galizio (aka – The guy who kayaked over Tahquamenon Falls)

I first met Brazil native Marcelo during a whitewater-rafting trip through Piers Gorge with Northwood’s Adventures. He was helping them out as a guide while in the Upper Peninsula for a few weeks. Why had he ventured up here from Brazil, I asked? He said he came to kayak over the nearly fifty foot high […]

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upper peninsula winter coffee

8 U.P. Winter Activities! (for Non-Outdoorsy People)

Lucy Hough is currently enrolled in the English Master’s program at Northern Michigan University  and writes frequently  for other cool Upper Peninsula publications like U.P. Second Wave. I’m happy to have brought her on to Things to do in the U.P. as a contributor, so you’ll likely be seeing posts from her here on a fairly […]

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Teddy Lake Yurt

What the Heck is a Yurt?

Lets talk about yurts, shall we? Up until a few years ago, I’d never heard of a yurt. And since I get tons of comments and questions each time I post a photo of a yurt on my Facebook page, I thought I’d give you the basics. A yurt is essentially a fancy tent that […]

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Keweenaw Fall Color frokm Brockit Photo Oct 07, 5 07 09 PM

U.P. Fall Color Update for the Week of 10-7-12

Upper Peninsula Fall Color is Going, Going…. (almost gone) Yes, it’s true that we’re past “peak color” in most of the Upper Peninsula. (Mackinac Island is just starting to peak, though!) However, there are a couple very cool aspects to the tail end of fall color. 1. Colorful leaves blanket the ground of the forests, […]

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Lake of the Clouds

U.P. Fall Color Update for the Week of 9-30-12

We’re at Peak (almost) Everywhere! Wow, that was quick! As always, it seems to go from “Not quite there yet” to “Whoa, where did all the color go?” Just one week ago the Upper Peninsula was still showing quite a bit of green, with areas of the Keweenaw and Tahquamenon Falls closing in on peak […]

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U.P. Fall Color Update for the Week of 9-23-12

It’s an Upper Peninsula-Wide Fall Color Update! Around this time of year, I always wish I could see a weekly photo from each area of the U.P. so I know where to go for a fall color tour, should the opportunity arise. So, this year I reached out to fellow bloggers and small business owners across the […]

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