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Tahquamenon Falls Paradise MI

#69- Row, row, row your boat to Lower Tahquanemon Falls

If you have been to the Lower Tahquamenon Falls and not taken a boat to the ‘Island’, you have missed the best part. And if you have not made the trip, now you know! Would you rather…see two waterfalls from a platform or swim in five waterfalls? Mhhm. Exactly. (I’m assuming you chose the five […]

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tahquamenon falls kayak

An Interview with Marcelo Marcondes Galizio (aka – The guy who kayaked over Tahquamenon Falls)

I first met Brazil native Marcelo during a whitewater-rafting trip through Piers Gorge with Northwood’s Adventures. He was helping them out as a guide while in the Upper Peninsula for a few weeks. Why had he ventured up here from Brazil, I asked? He said he came to kayak over the nearly fifty foot high […]

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crisp point lighthouse

#56 – Check out the Crisp Point Lighthouse

Crisp Point – Remote but Beautiful The Crisp Point Lighthouse is one of Michigan’s most remote lighthouses, but it’s also one of it’s most scenic. Situated a few miles west of Whitefish Point as the crow flies, and roughly forty-five minutes away from Tahquamenon Falls, Crisp Point is well worth checking out. Even if you’re […]

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grand sable banks from log slide

#22 – Log Slide!

Log Slide! “This is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen so far in the Upper Peninsula,” said my wife in amazement as she caught her first glimpse of the blue waters below the Log Slide scenic overlook. I believe she followed that up with a stunned silence and then, “Wow.” And it’s true. This is […]

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blind sucker #2 blind sucker flooding

#21 – It Doesn’t Suck: Blind Sucker #2 Campground

Blind Sucker #2 Campground You’ve got to camp at Blind Sucker #2 campground sometime just for the name. But beyond the humorous title bestowed upon it, this little rustic campground is a pretty cool place to pitch a tent. You’ll drive on gravel for a few miles to get there, but hey, this is the […]

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whitefish point boardwalk

#17 – Walk the Beach at Whitefish Point

Whitefish point is one of those “end-of-the-earth” type places. Look at a map of the U.P. and to the north of Tahquamenon Falls State Park you’ll see a shark fin shaped point stretching toward Canada. That’s Whitefish Point. In fact, this is one of the few spots along the shore of Lake Superior where (on […]

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