#21 – It Doesn’t Suck: Blind Sucker #2 Campground

blind sucker #2 campsite

Choice campsites abound.

Blind Sucker #2 Campground

You’ve got to camp at Blind Sucker #2 campground sometime just for the name. But beyond the humorous title bestowed upon it, this little rustic campground is a pretty cool place to pitch a tent.

You’ll drive on gravel for a few miles to get there, but hey, this is the Upper Peninsula… some of the most scenic vistas and tucked away campgrounds require you to get your car a little dirty. And if you’re looking to explore both Pictured Rocks and Tahquomenon Falls while in the U.P., this region is sort of the middle ground.

The scenic thirty two site campground is situated on the Blind Sucker Flooding, across the road from the larger (and busier) Muskellonge Lake State campground.

blind sucker #2 shoreline

This was the edge of our campsite.

You’ll find shady waterfront camping here, and decent fishing, but swimming is questionable. My wife and I were ready to jump in and cool off when the camp host approached us with a warning.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” he said. “Them leeches are baaaaad right now!”

Deflated, we turned back to our tent. But then we realized, hey, Lake Superior is RIGHT HERE!

Yes, just across the road from Blind Sucker #2 lay the largest body of freshwater in the world. And I can almost guarantee that the leeches won’t bother you there. And because there aren’t tons of people in this area you’ll likely have a large swath of shoreline to yourself.

We sure did.

We had a refreshing bath in the big lake and then returned to our cozy little waterfront campsite. I fired up the grill and my wife lounged in our hammock while the sunset. Ah, bliss.

blind sucker #2 life is good

It doesn't get much better than this!

We had first checked out Blind Sucker #1 campground, and then Lake Superior Campground, but both were full. We thought we were doomed until we rolled into Blind Sucker #2 and happily found several waterfront sites available. (And this was later on a Friday afternoon in peak season, mind you.)

This campground is also sheltered from the chilly breezes you’ll often get at the campgrounds on the Lake Superior shore. So that’s a plus.

To view more photos of the Blind Sucker #2 Campground, click here to visit my Facebook Page and then browse to the “Blind Sucker #2” photo album. (You’ll need to like the page if you haven’t already)

Bottom Line: Blind Sucker #2 State Campground is a great little rustic campground that deserves your attention. Pitch a tent a just inches from the water, light a campfire and relax.

Other things to note: Camping here is about $15/night. And this is a rustic campsite so there are no showers. BUT, you can skip over to the Muskallonge Lake state campground across the road and take a shower for $1.50.

How to get there: About 13 miles east of Grand Marais you’ll see a sign for Blind Sucker #1, Blind Sucker #2 is not far after that. It’s across the road from Muskallonge State Park.

Website: www.dnr.state.mi.us/parksandtrails/Details.aspx?id=670&type=SFCG

To see Blind Sucker #2’s location on my map of the U.P., click here.

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