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fruit bat

#23 – Channel Your Inner Batman at the Millie Hill Bat Cave

The Millie Hill Bat Cave The Millie Hill Bat Cave is one of the prime attractions in the Iron Mountain area. But most people don’t what I’m about to tell you, so they miss out on the bat viewing action. Passing cars often brake as they pass the “Bat Viewing Area” sign in town. Many […]

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grand sable banks from log slide

#22 – Log Slide!

Log Slide! “This is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen so far in the Upper Peninsula,” said my wife in amazement as she caught her first glimpse of the blue waters below the Log Slide scenic overlook. I believe she followed that up with a stunned silence and then, “Wow.” And it’s true. This is […]

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blind sucker #2 blind sucker flooding

#21 – It Doesn’t Suck: Blind Sucker #2 Campground

Blind Sucker #2 Campground You’ve got to camp at Blind Sucker #2 campground sometime just for the name. But beyond the humorous title bestowed upon it, this little rustic campground is a pretty cool place to pitch a tent. You’ll drive on gravel for a few miles to get there, but hey, this is the […]

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The Bakery Shoppe Muffin

#20 – Surrender to Your Sweet Tooth at The Bakery Shoppe

Exactly one block off the beaten path through Iron Mountain sits The Bakery Shoppe. Did you skip breakfast? You could spend five bucks for a McDonald’s greasy number whatever or $2.25 on one of The Bakery Shoppe’s huge muffins, which are not only healthier but keep those lunch time hunger pangs away much longer. A […]

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pine mountain ski jump top

#19 – Climb the Pine Mountain Ski Jump

Climbing the Pine Mountain Ski Jump is one of the more dangerous things to do in the Upper Peninsula, at least as far as the popular destinations go. The “stairs” leading to the top consist mostly of two by fours screwed to the deck. And there is a handrail, but if you pass someone making […]

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up fall beer festival drink michigan beer

#18 – The U.P. Fall Beer Festival

The U.P. Fall Beer Festival is a crazy good time. Upon entry you’re handed a handful of beer tokens to be exchanged for sampler size portions of Michigan Beer. And then you’re faced with one tough decision… Where do I start? Multiple tents host more than two dozen brewers serving well over one hundred and […]

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